How to Scan!

Hi Checkerati!

“The rewards I get from CheckPoints make shopping fun!”-Mr CP

Some of you have been confused about how to properly scan items in our app, so I thought I’d walk you through a little lesson on how to scan product barcodes the right way, staying within CheckPoints’ Official Terms of Use.

First, grab your iPhone or Android device and go to your local market (I go to CheckMart fairly often). It’s best to stand near the door to check in. Fire up CheckPoints and touch the “In-Store” tab. You will see a list of locations. Select your store from the list that is displayed.

in-store tab

Once you have checked-in to your location, you will be shown shelves that showcase all the products that are available for scanning in your store. Select an item you would like to scan by clicking on its picture in the app. A scan screen will then open up that shows a barcode scanner in the top half the screen, and the product in the bottom half.

Product in carousel

Before scanning, make sure that the product that you have in your hand is the same product as in the app. Hold the product steady in your hand, or place it on a shelf with the barcode facing up. Note: If the package is shiny, try to avoid excess reflectivity and glare on the barcode by blocking out overhead lights (you may have to change the product angle or the direction you’re facing with the product).

Barcode Scanner

Steady your barcode scanner and keep it in line with the full barcode, making sure that you align the barcode within the box on your screen. (you may have to tilt the product so that you can scan the whole thing or smooth the packaging out if it’s wrinkled).

When the app scans the correct product’s barcode, you will be rewarded the point and coin values associated with that product instantly!

Successful scan

Another Note: If you feel like you’re scanning the right product but keep getting an error message, let CheckPoints know by Reporting a Problem.

Other important stuff to be aware of:

1) You must be using the CheckPoints App to earn points.

2) You must be in the physical store to check in and earn points for scanning.

3) Bar code scans must be of bona fide physical products.

It’s important that every user has a fair shot at earning points and getting rewarded. That’s why CheckPoints makes sure to stop in their tracks the people who don’t play fair. In fact, there’s a special top secret CheckPoints security officer watching out for those people. He comes to us straight from the North Pole, where he’s been helping Santa make up his “Naughty or Nice” list every year. This guy knows what everyone’s up to! Any person who attempts robotic, electronic, or other ways of “cheating” the app will be notified of their violation, and may get “the boot.” We hope that he doesn’t have to work very hard, and that every one of you will follow the rules (I would if I were you, he’s a little gruff-looking).

I hope that this little tutorial clears things up! Follow these directions and you will keep collecting your awesome rewards with CheckPoints into the future!

Happy Scanning!

Mr. CP

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