Introducing the CheckPoints Toolbar!

Earn thousands of CheckPoints this Holiday season with just a few clicks!

How about 5 CheckPoints for every $1 you spend at Or 7 CheckPoints for every buck spent at Macy’s?  Earn points from hundreds of online stores, and do it from the comfort of home with the new CheckPoints Mall and Toolbar!

How does it work?

Start by downloading the CheckPoints Toolbar on your computer or laptop with Firefox or Internet Explorer. If you use another browser — don’t worry — you can login to CheckPoints Mall at and earn as well!

These days, many of us make purchases online, as well as in the store, and CheckPoints is here to offer you extra special perks for shopping with merchants you trust, including,,,, and more!

As a special bonus, Toolbar users can earn up to 15 points per day, just by searching the web as you normally do.

Mr. CheckPoints is already sitting on his laptop buying holiday gifts for his sweetheart and racking up the points!  Are you?

A few helpful tips:

  • Shopping rewards may take between 3 to 30 days to log to your account.
  • The CheckPoints Toolbar and Search works on Internet Explorer and Firefox. More coming soon!
  • If you use another browser (like Chrome), you can still login to the CheckPoints Mall.  Just stop at the Mall before you start shopping, to make sure you earn your points. Also, make sure that cookies are enabled on your browser.
  • In the Toolbar, be aware that not all searches will qualify for point credits.  Just be sure to use the search function just as you would any other search engine to ensure points.
  • Now get out there and try it!  Or if you have more questions, please see our Frequently Asked Questions orTerms and Conditions.
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